Global Ready to Eat Meat for Sous Vide Market Professional Survey by Types, Applications, and Players, with Regional Growth Rate Analysis and Development Situation, from 2023 to 2028

According to the latest research, the global Ready to Eat Meat for Sous Vide market size was valued at USD 153.36 million in 2022 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 16.42% during the forecast period, reaching USD 381.84 million by 2028.

Ready to Eat Meat are meat products that are safe to eat without additional preparation. Ready to Eat Meat for Sous Vide refers to Ready to Eat Meat products prepared by the Sous Vide method. Sous Vide is a cooking method that utilizes lower temperatures for longer periods of time, in order to bring out the best in the ingredients. The basic method is to put the food in a plastic bag and vacuum seal it, then cook the whole bag in hot water for a long time.

Influence of Regional Conflicts on the Ready to Eat Meat for Sous Vide Industry

Regional Conflicts may have a certain impact on the development of the industry. Take the Russia-Ukraine conflict as an example. The impact of the Russia-Ukraine war has extended from the military to energy, food, currency, trade, international politics, and other aspects. The Russia-Ukraine region is an important export region for global energy raw materials, industrial raw materials, corn, wheat, barley, and other food raw materials. The continuation of the Russo-Ukraine War continues to drive the price fluctuations of various raw materials, which directly pushes up the production and sales costs of many industries. For example, for the Ready to Eat Meat for Sous Vide industry, the rising price of corn will increase the cost of farming for breeders, which may drive up the prices of cattle, hogs, and chickens. These price increases will result in increased production costs for Ready to Eat Meat for Sous Vide businesses.

Market Drivers

Ready to Eat Meat for Sous Vide eliminates much of the active prep time chefs need, which frees up more kitchen team members to focus on other tasks. Therefore, in the catering industry, Ready to Eat Meat for Sous Vide can enable enterprises to improve efficiency and reduce costs. The widespread application of Ready to Eat Meat for Sous Vide in the restaurant sector is one of the driving factors driving the development of the industry.

Market Restraints and Challenges

Food safety issues

The main business of the industrial company is the research and development, production and sales of Ready to Eat Meat for Sous Vide, which is directly related to food safety issues. During the development of the Sous Vide technology, questions were raised regarding food safety and quality in sous-vide operations. First, the food is cooked in a bag under a partial vacuum, which slows down heat transfer and can lead to underprocessing. This has led to concerns about the possible survival of psychrophilic pathogens such as Listeria monocytogenes, Yersinia enterocolitica, Clostridium botulinum, and others. These may present a food safety risk to the product. For Ready to Eat Meat for Sous Vide enterprises, enterprises need to invest a lot of manpower, material resources, and financial resources to reasonably set up a quality inspection and control departments, deploy professional inspection personnel, and build a sound quality control system. As consumers pay more and more attention to food safety, risks related to food safety are one of the risks faced by companies in the industry.

Region Overview:

In 2022, the share of the Ready to Eat Meat for Sous Vide market in United States stood at 64.76%.

Company Overview:

Led by an international team of award-winning chefs, Cuisine Solutions is the world's leading manufacturer of sous vide products — the innovative, precise slow-cooking technique the Company pioneered, perfected, and popularized decades ago. Renowned for its innovation, the Company has launched sous vide products across a wide spectrum of categories – including proteins, sauces, grain and plant-based products, and its hugely popular egg bites. Their pasteurized sous vide items offer 18 months’ shelf life frozen, six days when defrosted, and can be oven finished in mere minutes. This allows food service and home cooks to save time, simplify the complexity of any supply chain challenges, and is a perfect solution to significantly reduce waste and labor costs.

Ruprecht is a solutions-oriented meat processor and food manufacturer serving domestic and foreign customers in the foodservice and retail industries. Founded in 1860, Ruprecht is the oldest beef processor in the Chicago area. Over the past 10 years, Ruprecht has experienced rapid expansion and growth due to investments in research and development. Ruprecht led the growth by expanding its focus on fully cooked sous-vide meal solutions, side dishes and other value-added raw foods.

Cuisine Solutions is one of the major players operating in the Ready to Eat Meat for Sous Vide market, holding a share of 21.36% in 2023.

Segmentation Overview:

Beef Meat

Differentiate according to the type of meat. Refers to ready-to-eat beef prepared by the sous vide method.

Chicken Meat

Refers to ready-to-eat chicken prepared using the sous vide method.

Fish Meat

Refers to ready-to-eat fish prepared by the sous vide method.

Pork Meat

Refers to ready-to-eat pork prepared by the sous vide method.

By type, Beef Meat segment accounted for the largest share of market in 2022.

Application Overview:


It refers to the application of products in the restaurant field, which can help improve meal delivery rate, reduce costs and improve efficiency.


It refers to the fact that individual consumers buy products to cook at home, which is convenient and simple.

By application, the Restaurant segment occupied the biggest share from 2018 to 2022.

This report elaborates on the market size, market characteristics, and market growth of the Ready to Eat Meat for Sous Vide industry between the year 2018 to 2028, and breaks down according to the product type, downstream application, and consumption area of Ready to Eat Meat for Sous Vide. The report also introduces players in the industry from the perspective of the value chain and looks into the leading companies.

Key Points this Global Ready to Eat Meat for Sous Vide Market Report Include:

Market Size Estimates: Ready to Eat Meat for Sous Vide market size estimation in terms of revenue and sales from 2018-2028

Market Dynamic and Trends: Ready to Eat Meat for Sous Vide market drivers, restraints, opportunities, and challenges

Macro-economy and Regional Conflict: Influence of global inflation and Russia & Ukraine War on the Ready to Eat Meat for Sous Vide market

Segment Market Analysis: Ready to Eat Meat for Sous Vide market revenue and sales by type and by application from 2018-2028

Regional Market Analysis: Ready to Eat Meat for Sous Vide market situations and prospects in major and top regions and countries

Ready to Eat Meat for Sous Vide Market

Competitive Landscape

and Major Players: Analysis of 10-15 leading market players, sales, price, revenue, gross, gross margin, product/service profile and recent development/updates, etc.

Ready to Eat Meat for Sous Vide Industry Chain: Ready to Eat Meat for Sous Vide market raw materials & suppliers, manufacturing process, distributors by region, downstream customers

Ready to Eat Meat for Sous Vide Industry News, Policies by regions

Ready to Eat Meat for Sous Vide Industry Porters Five Forces Analysis

Key players in the global Ready to Eat Meat for Sous Vide market are covered in Chapter 2:

Tyson Foods
Cuisine Solutions Inc. 
Wayne Farms
Calvetti Meats
Verde Farms

In Chapter 6 and Chapter 9, on the basis of types, the Ready to Eat Meat for Sous Vide market from 2018 to 2028 is primarily split into:

Beef Meat
Chicken Meat
Fish Meat
Pork Meat

In Chapter 7 and Chapter 10, on the basis of applications, the Ready to Eat Meat for Sous Vide market from 2018 to 2028 covers:


Geographically, the detailed analysis of consumption, revenue, market share and growth rate of the following regions from 2018 to 2028 are covered in Chapter 8 and Chapter 11:

United States





Southeast Asia

Latin America

Middle East and Africa


In summary, this report relies on sources from both primary and secondary, combines comprehensive quantitative analysis with detailed qualitative analysis, and pictures the market from a macro overview to micro granular segment aspects. Whatever your role in this industry value chain is, you should benefit from this report with no doubt.

Chapter Outline

This report consists of 12 chapters. Below is a brief guideline to help you quickly grasp the main contents of each chapter:

Chapter 1 first introduces the product overview, market scope, product classification, application, and regional division, and then summarizes the global Ready to Eat Meat for Sous Vide market size in terms of revenue, sales volume, and average price.

Chapter 2 analyzes the main companies in the Ready to Eat Meat for Sous Vide industry, including their main businesses, products/services, sales, prices, revenue, gross profit margin, and the latest developments/updates.

Chapter 3 is an analysis of the competitive environment of Ready to Eat Meat for Sous Vide market participants. This mainly includes the revenue, sales, market share, and average price of the top players, along with the market concentration ratio in 2022 and the players' M&A and expansion in recent years.

Chapter 4 is an analysis of the Ready to Eat Meat for Sous Vide industrial chain, including raw material analysis, manufacturing cost structure, distributors, and major downstream buyers.

Chapter 5 focuses on Ready to Eat Meat for Sous Vide market dynamics and marketing strategy analysis, which include opportunities, challenges, industry development trends under inflation, industry news and policies analyzed by region, Porter's Five Forces analysis, as well as direct and indirect marketing, and the development trends of marketing channels.

Chapters 6-8 have segmented the Ready to Eat Meat for Sous Vide market by type, application, and region, with a focus on sales and value from 2018 to 2023 from both vertical and horizontal perspectives.

Chapters 9-11 provide detailed Ready to Eat Meat for Sous Vide market forecast data for 2023-2028, broken down by type and application, region, and major countries to help understand future growth trends.

Chapter 12 concludes with an explanation of the data sources and research methods. Verify and analyze through preliminary research to obtain final quantitative and qualitative data.

Years considered for this report:

Historical Years:


Base Year:


Estimated Year:


Forecast Period:


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